Several Reasons your hair might look like crap….

Buon Giorno, ladies!

We are currently in the throws of summer here in South Jersey!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sun (responsibly!—more to come on just how to do that later). In this part of the country we experience the full effect of all four seasons. That is what most of us say we love about it when encountered with some one seeking answers to what we think of our home (you know usually after they have repeated it back to you  annoyingly as “Joisey” and sometime in between questions about the jersey shore, if you know anyone like Tony Soprano, if you carry a gun, and sharing their assumptions on your feelings  regarding Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.) But it’s not only the weather that we have to blame bad hair days-or weeks-on. Its the bombardment of incorrect information on how to deal with said problems that often leads to few or no changes in the health and appearance of our crowning glory.

wnn_snooki_111221_wb    Yes, we all look like this. All the time. And we are all DTF. 

So be it Summer humidity, Or flat static strands against your winter coat, Here are more than a few reasons off the top of my head your hair is not following your orders and making you look like Greasy Headed Hag from somewhere beyond The Wall (Game of thrones is coming next week! Yay!!!!!!

).Kit-Harington-as-Jon-Snow-in-Game-of-Thrones.jpg (Your hair won’t look this good on the best day of your entire life, let alone after a battle for your homeland)

1. You are using the WRONG products!!!!!

–And this doesn’t necessarily mean “cheap” or “drug store” products. I have come across many a “high end” product in my time that has proven to be one step up from washing your hair in a puddle of trash juice. By now we are all pretty well versed in the subject of sulphate free shampoo and paraben free conditioner. But that’s only where it starts. For instance, if your shampoo claims to be “color safe” or possessing the magic to prolong your color, but you see the recognizable name “sodium chloride” in its list of ingredients…then guess what babe? You’re washing with straight up salt in your shampoo. Some shampoos are nothing more than soap. Almost identical to body wash!! the truth is that unless you sleep in a dumpster, your hair is probably not dirty enough to justify most of the ingredients in your shampoo. Squeaky clean is for your dishes, woman! Not your hair.

Try if you can to choose the most gentle wash that you can for your hair type. Some of my favorites are Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, Wen Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner, Kevin Murphy Restore, Clear (Unilever in drug stores), OGX Tea Tree Mint, Aveda Brilliant shampoo, and Biology Fortifying shampoo.  If you need to wash it twice, then just do it! If after that your hair doesn’t feel clean, then you might have another problem…..

2. You’ve got a build up an inch think. You’re nasty!!!! (just kidding its really normal)

aw.jpg  uh, yea… No. 

So your nice gentle shampoo, or really any shampoo for that matter, isn’t really doing jack. The ends feel dry. But even if you wash it in the morning, it’s a grease pit fit for Danny Zucko by dinner time. Why, you ask? Well all that swimming, or all that hairspray you’re using, your scum of the earth dry shampoo that seems just to be a propellent baby powder, and all that sweet sweet city air blown at you by that 5:15 Patco train has collected against your porous strands!!!!! God only knows whats caked on your hair. That is where clarifying comes in!

Most of us need a good deep cleaning about once a month. At my job i usually recommend my guests do this before their color appointment. Breaking the barrier of yuck off of your scalp and hair will not only make your color process to its full potential, but all the products you have so carefully selected for your coiff will actually work the way they promise! There will no longer be an oily barrier between your locks and the magic. The most famous and best clarifier would be Neutrogena. But I also recommend that most men and women keep a bottle of Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash in their arsenal. This awesome clarifying shampoo is meant to sit on your head for a few minutes. You can even put a shower cap over it if you’ve got one. One you are ready to rinse, use your hands to push to suds off of your hair. When I do this in the salon, you can see the gunk rinsing down the drain. Follow up with a conditioning mask or strong cream rinse as not to walk around with a new problem on your hands after this procedure. Now apply your darling hair products and get styling….but wait……

3. Are you using your blow dyer nozzle attachment?

you know? The attachment piece for the end of the dryer you probably threw out with the packaging? When guests ask me why they can’t get their hair to look the way I get it to look at the salon, my first question is usually the above inquiry. The attachment is 110% essential to a proper blowdry. If your don’t have the concentrated stream of air that the attachment provides then your hair is not only blowing all over your face and in every direction, but I’m gonna guess that the metal grill is too close to your hair strands. That is a quick road to heat damage. Plus I’m pretty sure you look like a wild woman once your hair is dry due to the rounded stream of air you have just blown at yourself. You gonna reach for the flat-iron now to smooth things out? Well first you’d better……

4. Make sure your hair is completely dry!

Our hair feels nice and hot when we switch off the dryer. It matches the mustache of sweat beads and moistness of our bras we’ve acquired during the process as well. Such beauties we are. Before you call your mission accomplished, let your hair cool a minute and then run your fingers through and make sure that your hair isn’t just hot, but that it’s completely dry. For one thing, if you are flat ironing or curling ironing the damp hair, then you are most likely burning it causing split ends and a fried appliance. Secondly, even if you are just gonna call it a day at this point and leave the house, that patch of hair that is still damp is just going to frizz into its natural state of craziness and give you a blurry halo of frizz in a half hour. So make sure that you are blown to smoothly and completely before you decide the job is done. I never rush through my clients, and I always make sure each strand is dry and styled before letting them leave. And thats mainly why your hair looks better when i do it for you!

5. Last but not least, you probably need a haircut. 

img_2044.jpg Just a little bit of me being in love with my own image after one of my favorite haircuts ever. 


This doesn’t mean that you need to take your mermaid cascade to a Frumpy bob or something like that. The discolored, hard to the touch straw pieces at the end of your mane have got to go. When your texture is un even you run into some problems. Just a tiny little “dusting” (you know…getting the fuzzies off) once every six weeks is all thats really in order if you are routinely running into this obstacle of bad hair. Everyone’s schedule is different. Some people seem to keep their style perfect for months while others have slipped to the dark side in just four weeks. I really has to do with the color treatment of your hair, your styling routine, your environment, and your natural texture. Hook up with a stylist you really trust to make the suggestion of when its time to trim. A conditioning glaze or a gloss is the best double whammy for every appointment you book be it a cut or a color!

A stylist worth her salt will listen to you and appreciate your hopes and dreams for your hair. She will find the perfect balance of what you want, and whats really best for your hair. In the end, they are the master of your domain and your just the grounds keeper, darling.

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